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About PlanEnergy

PlanEnergy is a specialist low carbon energy project development company. We provide energy advice to EU, governments, local authorities, project developers, manufacturers, farming, and community organisations in Ireland and the UK. We are experienced professionals based in Dublin, Belfast, and Sligo with proven expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency and behaviour change. We work across heat, electricity and transport projects on an all-Island basis.

We understand that owning a Renewable Energy project is an opportunity to provide a revenue stream at a farm or local community for decades to come. Our team has over 100 years’ experience in this area. We conduct feasibility studies, identify projects, prepare financial models, secure planning consent and manage technology procurement to enable these initiatives. We are expert in grid connection applications to the ESB under the Enduring Connection Policy process.

Since 2016 we also specialise in local energy projects and developing Sustainable Energy Communities on behalf of SEAI. As local energy experts we are experienced in Udaras, LEADER, SEAI and InvestNI funds as well as with EU and Government funds North and South. We have delivered more than 20 local Energy Master Plans since 2018 including as community mentors.

Our energy and development experts work with the key stakeholders in an energy project. We stay in touch with them to identify messages that the stakeholders or groups need to address during the engagement period to led to a successful outcome. We design and deliver training either in person or via webinars on topics such as Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Tips. With our partners in education, we train and certify energy champions inside organisations in the finance and farming sectors to help deliver on sustainability goals.

For more information please contact us on 071 930 0025 or [email protected]



About Local Power Ltd

Local Power Ltd is delighted to be part of the Farming Renewable Energy Summit and wishes the promoters and visitors  to the event every success with the day.

Local Power Ltd is a business focused on helping farms and businesses reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs using world-beating renewable technologies.

Headed up by the former CEO of the IFA, Pat Smith, the business has steadily grown over the last 5 years and is today a significant player in the Irish roof top solar PV and battery storage sector especially in the farming and business  sectors.

With commercial and farming projects installed in almost every county, Local Power Ltd prides itself on offering the best technology options as part of a turnkey solution that provides a trusted  and professional  service to all its clients. From project assessment, financial analysis, planning, design and install to commissioning, after-care backup, grant applications, ESB paperwork and flexible financing options- Local Power Ltd have you covered.

Local Power Ltd offer three tiers of technology options. In the premium range we offer the German manufactured Solarwatt PV panel and battery storage products and Austrian Manufactured Fronius inverters. The quality and providence of the warranties offered is important to ensure you are  not left in the lurch if something goes wrong and Local Power ltd prides itself on a transparent approach to ensuring clients are fully informed.

Local Power Ltd can also  provide a finance solution where the project investment is repaid from energy savings made and has an  ‘As A Service’ funded option that  provides 15 year fixed renewable energy costs for clients. 

EV charging  infrastructure and management solutions are going to be a critical requirement for all businesses going forward  and Local Power ltd is delighted to have being chosen by world leader  Chargepoint  as Premier Partner in Ireland. Under its EVnet brand Local Power ltd now also offer  a hassle-free and futureproofed charging and management solution   to meet all business needs.

If you would like Local Power Ltd to assess your business’s suitability for a renewable project, contact us anytime on 01 8250263 or [email protected]. We will do the assessments without commitment and if you choose Local Power as your Renewable technology partner  we can assure you of a trusted, professional and attentive service.






The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI) has placed agriculture at the heart of its vision to produce biomethane to at least 11% of current gas demand by 2030. RGFI, in consultation with farming representatives, aims to shift the current position of agriculture within the climate debate, putting farmers at the centre of the solution, while decarbonising the thermal demand of the agri-food industry.

With a mandate from its members and a collaboration of  industrial gas consumers, RGFI, working with KPMG, Devenish, Gas Networks Ireland and Authenticity, is focussed on  providing independent, best scientific advice, best available technologies, economic assessment and business case analysis, to demonstrate the opportunities and potential for agri-based biomethane and biofertiliser (digestate) production, using agricultural feedstock to:

  • Substantially reduce emissions across the food supply chain, Scope 3 emissions, from farmer to consumer, supporting the principle of the EU Carbon Farming Initiative.
  • Provide additional sustainable, long term secure, diverse income for farmers, which does not compete with food production and can provide a significant, complementary income in the cattle, sheep and tillage sectors.
  • Create and sustain 3,000 rural jobs.
  • Achieve environmental benefits for soil regeneration, biodiversity, air and water quality.
  • Align with the programme for government, strategy and policy under Ag-Climatise and the Climate Action Bill.
  • Contribute towards meeting the 51% decarbonisation target in national, sectoral (especially agriculture) and local authority Climate Action Plans, in line with the Paris Agreement, European Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy.
  • Help achieve the 40% renewable heat target by 2030.
  • Benefit regenerative and sustainable agriculture, the rural circular bio-economy and a quality, resilient environment.


Government policy support, increasing its 2030 target for biomethane, to at least 11%, aligned with other European states, and the implementation of RED II Article 23, Renewable Heat Fuel Obligation Scheme is urgently needed to realise this vision.

To help shape a cohesive approach to Government RGFI is liaising with agricultural representatives through the IFA, ICMSA and ICSA, and Community Power to empower communities (including farmers).

RGFI’s membership includes agri-food, beverages, biopharma, waste processing and utilities sectors as well as developers, technology providers, shippers / suppliers, gas utilities and academia. 

Members include  Dairygold Co-operative, Lakeland Dairies, Claremorris Co-Operative, Danone, Diageo, Wyeth Nutrition, and Gas Networks Ireland (GNI).



t:  @RenewGasRGFI




About Coillte

Coillte is a dynamic, commercial company which sustainably manages Ireland’s state owned forests. Our forestry and land estate spans over 440,000 hectares, which is approximately 7% of the land in Ireland. From this land we run three strong businesses – Forestry, Land Solutions and Medite Smartply and we provide the public with a huge range of benefits from recreation to environmental services. Our vision is to become the best forestry and land solutions company in Europe.
Coillte also has a large Renewable Energy business, and has a team of approximately 30 people with specialist skills in all aspects of renewable energy development, including Project Management, Engineering, Geographical Information Systems Mapping, Wind Analysis, Planning, Grid Infrastructure Development and Community Engagement. In November 2019, Coillte entered an agreement with the ESB to form a new commercial company with the ambition to develop over 1 gigawatt (GW) of renewable energy capacity in Ireland by 2030. This ambition would make a significant contribution to the national objective of producing at least 70% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030.
Regulatory approval for this joint venture was provided by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) in February 2021 and it is anticipated this joint venture will be operational shortly once formal shareholder approvals have been provided.














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